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 About Raystter 

Raystter Alves...

...was born into a Brazilian household in a small city in South Florida. Ray was constantly designing clothing on all of his school assignments and making dresses for his barbies since a very young age. His mom owned a boutique since before he was born. Growing up with that background and helping since a young age really encouraged him to pursue a career in the fashion industry.
Raystter was accepted into The Fashion institute Of Technology in the summer of 2019 in which he then committed to the Fashion Design program. In 2021, Ray graduated with his associates and then continued his studies at FIT with a specialization in Sportswear/ RTW. He is currently studying there with a GPA of 3.8 and graduating in 2023. 

Ray has worked jobs from retail to interning for high-end designers. In 2019 Ray began interning for Christian Cowan in which he worked on many pieces for Christians clients. These included: Saweeties Met gala dress, Lady gaga, Megan thee Stallion, ect... He is now working on his own designs to get himself out there and find a design team to join 

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